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5 Accredited Online Bachelor’s Degree Universities


Getting an online bachelor’s degree could assist established professionals in advancing their careers and lead to enhanced earning potential. By opting for a regionally accredited online program, individuals could maximize their investment in their education. Professionals that invest in earning a bachelor’s degree often go on to receive higher salaries. Attaining a bachelor’s degree opens doors of opportunities in new careers as well. Several in-demand jobs in technology, education, healthcare, and business request a bachelor’s degree. Online colleges that are accredited provide that flexibility to complete the degree while juggling personal and work commitments.

University Of Florida

This is a massive public research university, which is regionally accredited by the Schools Commission Colleges and Southern Association of Colleges. It enrolls in excess of 56,000 individuals across the online division. This university is ranked among the top accredited online universities in the nation. There are over twenty online bachelor’s degree programs on offer. The university charges a reduced rate for tuition for its online learners. It might also waive out-of-state fees for those students connected to the military.

The degrees being offered online cover a vast amount of disciplines. These include anthropology, sociology, and psychology for those in the social sciences. For those interested in health care, there is an RN to BSN program. The science buffs could try their hand at environmental management, geology, or biology. There are also other majors that could prepare individuals for jobs in fields like emergency services, sports, criminology, hospitality, and business.

John Brown University

This is an interdenominational Christian university that is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Undergraduate students seeking online faith-centered universities could apply for one of the four bachelor degree programs being offered online. There is flexibility through the six yearly start dates and the asynchronous course delivery. Lower tuition is offered to the candidates enrolling in the online program.

Each of the four bachelor programs consists of 120 credits and comprises John Brown University’s 49 credit core prospectus. Core courses that are mandatory incorporate instructions in the arts, social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, theology, and biblical studies.

Individuals could major in psychology, organizational leadership, liberal arts, and management. They could then minor in politics and ethics, psychology, leadership, communication, and business. There is a Graduate School Pathways program that permits the students to complete both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees in tandem. This pathway program would take approximately five years.

Western Carolina University

There are approximately 115 undergraduate majors being offered by this university, which is regionally accredited by the Schools Commission Colleges and Southern Association of Colleges. Online bachelor’s degrees prepare graduates for careers in various industries. The degree in birth-kindergarten education is designed for students with associate degrees and fulfills the requirements for the North Carolina teaching licensure.

A bachelor of science in business administration in entrepreneurship helps students looking for careers in business. A Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Science in business administration in business & law prepares students for law school. Certified paramedics are admitted to the program in emergency medical care. It also provides health management or pre-med concentrations.

Extra bachelor’s degree enhances the necessary skills for careers in engineering technology, emergency management, criminal justice, and construction management.

University Of Central Florida

This is a member of the State University System of Florida and is accredited by the Schools Commission Colleges and Southern Association of Colleges. This university achieved national recognition as being one of the best accredited online universities for military and civilian students. Offsite students enjoy access to advisors, electronic databases and journals, and academic support resources. There is no difference in tuition for online or residency students.

The online bachelor’s degree program is set up for transfer students and offers in excess of twenty majors. Many programs allow the students to weave their own interdisciplinary degree paths. There are liberal arts programs on offer in areas such as history, English, and anthropology. Legal studies are also on offer for those seeking to attend law school. Other programs prepare the students for careers in hospitality, healthcare, and criminal justice.

LeTourneau University

LeTourneau University is accredited by the Schools Commission Colleges and the Southern Association of Colleges. It offers a Christian polytechnic education online and on campus. It is considered one of the most affordable universities in the western United States. The online candidates pay reduced tuition and there are also specific scholarships reserved for distance learners.

The online bachelor’s degree incorporates Christian ethics with professional skills. The university provides business programs including healthcare management, business management, and accounting. A bachelor of business administration is also provided with numerous concentrations. Aviation, criminal justice, cybersecurity, and psychology are also on offer. The degrees in ministry, biblical studies, and theology mirror the university’s religious focus.