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Specialty Scholarships You Should Be Aware Of


When it comes to making the most of a scholarship fund, many students assume that excelling in academics is the key. While merit is the most common basis of rewarding scholarships, it’s often not the only one. You can find several specialty scholarships that are awarded on different personality strengths. Moreover, you can also find specialty scholarships reserved for certain types of students based on their demographics, ethnicity, and areas of interest. 

To maximize your chances of getting a scholarship, you need to find out more about specialty scholarships. So let’s get started.

Academic Scholarships

Perhaps the most common type of scholarship that you may already know is academic scholarship. It is usually based on high-profile merit and is awarded to students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement. Such scholarships can also continue to bring advantages to the recipient as they enter the corporate world.

But excellence in academics is not the only criteria that are used to award scholarships. There are various other types of specialty scholarships which include the following.

Community Service Scholarships

Community service scholarships are a type of scholarship that’s not reserved for the best-performing students. Instead, it’s for those special community enthusiasts who volunteer in their communities and spend a great deal of time offering services to those in need.

If you have a history of being involved in community service or are an active participant now, you should search on community service scholarships that are exclusively offered to students who are playing a constructive role in developing their communities.

Athletic Scholarships

Are you good at playing a sport? Do you like swimming, football or basketball and represent a club? Then you may be the right candidate for athletic scholarships. This type of specialty scholarship is reserved for sports enthusiasts.

In some cases, your athletic scholarship will not only pay for the academics or tuition but may also pay for other student expenses such as food and boarding. In turn, your scholarship funder will expect you to do well in academics and continue to perform exceptionally in the field. So at the end of the day, with this specialty scholarship, you can continue your studies without compromising on your passion.

Scholarships For Minorities, Specific Ethnicity And Women

You can find several specialty scholarships that are specifically awarded to minorities, certain ethnicities, and women. Such specialty scholarships can have general or specific requirements. You can find scholarship opportunities with specific ethnic requirements, but you can also find open opportunities for all minorities. So make sure you explore this option, especially if you are a student from a specific ethnic group or minority.

Similar to how scholarships are awarded to minorities and certain ethnic groups, there are some special scholarships that are designed specifically for women. Several organizations and associations are now funding women’s education in fields that have always been dominated by men. Hence, a potential drawback of such scholarships is that they may be tied to a specific course of study. But if you are a woman looking for scholarship opportunities, it’s worth exploring specialty scholarships specifically for women.

Single-Parent Scholarships

Another specialty scholarship that you can take advantage of is a single-parent scholarship. These funds are reserved for single parents who are willing to pursue their academics but have financial constraints.

Whether you are a first-time student who is willing to pursue college as a single parent or are a single parent who wants to return to education after a break, in case of a financial need, you can make the most of this specialty scholarship.   

Performance-Based Creativity Scholarships

A specialty scholarship that can be a great attraction for students with artistic disposition is creativity scholarships. While they may not always be on top of the list of scholarships, there are several organizations and associations that award scholarships to artistically inclined students.

However, since this specialty scholarship is not based on need, it may be based on your creativity. Hence, it is a highly competitive specialty scholarship. Your funder may request a piece of art, a portfolio of designs, or a sample that reflects your creativity and makes you stand out from the crowd. If you are a performer, such as a musician or an actor, you may have to participate in a live audition or share a record of your performance.

Scholarships For Extra-Curricular

The last on the list of specialty scholarships is the scholarship for extra-curricular. Such scholarships are awarded to students with certain interests and hobbies, offering some creative opportunities for the donors. For example, if you are a performer or a creative dress designer, an association with a business in creative proms or performing arts may award you a scholarship based on your special skill set that will benefit the association.

While such scholarships are not always readily available, only when you do your research can you find something that will offer mutual benefit to the donor and the student.

Final Words

You don’t always have to be an exceptional student to get the scholarship you want. There are endless specialty scholarship options available for you. So if you have a personality trait, a special skill, or a creative spark that can also offer benefit to your donor, then you can make the most of specialty scholarships. Moreover, you can also find specialty scholarships exclusive for people with special circumstances, such as single parents. Finally, you can also find specialty scholarships based on ethnicity, minorities, and gender. In all, you can find endless options, but all you need to do is to explore and find out which one is the best for you.