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Two-Year Degrees That Are Easily Achievable


Traditional education has been around for over a hundred years. But given the recent changes to the education system, students today have multiple options of achieving degrees in a shorter time without compromising on their learning. One such flexibility that students can enjoy now is the two-year degrees that are easily achievable. From undergraduate to doctorate, students today can find several two-year degrees that they can complete easily. In this post, we look at two-year degree programs that you can easily complete.

Two-Year Undergraduate Program – Associate Degree Programs

When many students discuss their education, they often talk about a four-year undergraduate program or a master’s program. But if you are a high school student, you would be surprised to know that these are not the only options. Instead, you can go for different types of two-year associate programs. Unlike bachelor’s and master’s programs, you can find associate degree programs at technical, vocational, and community colleges. Moreover, depending on the type of associate degree program you choose, it can also be used as a foundation course for your bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Some of the types of 2-year associate degree programs that you can choose include

Associate of Science (A.S.)

The two-year associate of science degree program can be used by students who intend to transfer their credit to a four-year undergraduate program. The courses that most of the associate of science programs cover are the ones that can be considered as equivalent to the course offered in the first two years of an undergraduate program.

Associate Of Arts (A.A.)

Similar to an associate of science, the associate of arts is a two-year degree program that offers the same benefits as an associate of science. However, the associate of arts is a much broader degree that allows students to apply in a much broader range of fields than the associate of science degree. 

Other Types Of Associate Degrees

The other types of associate degrees include associate of applied science (A.A.S.) and associate of applied business (A.A.B.). Once you complete these two-year degree programs, you are eligible for immediate employment as they are specialized courses. However, if you intend to transfer your course credit to a college or university, you may still need to complete additional courses.

Two Year Graduate Program

Apart from the Associate degree, several other two-year degrees are easily achievable. You can complete your master’s as well as doctorate within two years. Some of the two-year graduate programs include the following.

Masters In Science (M.S.)

If you have an undergraduate degree in Science and want to pursue a graduate program, then a Master’s in Science is the perfect two-year degree program that you can easily achieve. Every master’s program that you will opt for will be a specialized and technically-oriented program that will allow you to broaden your horizon and delve deep into the area of your interest. Some of the specialized programs that you can complete as you enrol in a two-year M.S. degree specialization include the following.

  • Master’s in Engineering Systems,
  • Master’s in Data Management,
  • Master’s in Information Technology,
  • Master’s in Environmental Science,
  • Master’s in Life Science,
  • Master’s in Computer,
  • Master’s in Mathematics and Economics,
  • Master’s in Engineering and
  • the list goes on and on.

You can complete most of the master’s programs within two years. However, some graduate programs also offer accelerated programs that allow students to complete the degree between 12 and 18 months. Moreover, for some master’s programs, students can also enjoy exemption from coursework based on their prior experience or certification/diploma courses.

Masters In Business Administration  (M.B.A.)

Apart from the Master’s in Science degree, another two-year degree that you can easily achieve a master’s in business administration (M.B.A.). The best part about this master’s program is that it allows students from all walks of life and accommodate their needs. However, despite, its highly versatile nature, most of the students who have completed their four-year undergraduate program can easily complete M.B.A. in two years.

Different M.B.A. programs are offered to cater to the needs of the students. Students coming from a business background can go for the accelerated M.B.A. program that they can complete between 12 and 18 months. However, for students completing their M.B.A. degree part-time, it can take up to six years to complete the program.

Master’s In Nursing Program

Last on the list of graduate programs that you can complete in two years is the masters in the nursing program, which takes 24 months for full-time students. Similar to other graduate programs, students can opt for a fast-track nursing program that they can complete in 18 months. However, this often means studying full-time. In other cases where students are coming their master’s in the nursing program part-time or while working can take up to five years to complete the degree program.

If you are planning to enroll in the master’s in the nursing program, know that you can enjoy credit based on your previous qualification or experience so make sure you thoroughly inquire about the degree requirements before you enroll in the program.

Two-Year Post Graduate Degree Program

Students who have completed their masters and are looking to enrich their lives or take a step forward in their career can also go for the two-year post-graduate degree program. Yes, you can complete your Ph.D. in two years. It might come as a surprise, but many full-time students can make it. So can you.

Now that you know so much more about the two-year degrees that are easily achievable enroll yourself in the degree of your choice and make the most of your career. Learn more about degree programs and how to make the most of your academic life here.