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Top Ways For Women To Receive Scholarships


If you are a woman who’s trying to get a scholarship it can be slightly challenging, however, don’t let that hinder you. With increasing awareness about women’s rights, there are a number of scholarship options available for women. That being said, they can be competitive so you have to be smart in how you go about it. For instance, there are so many fields where women are not given due importance such as math, engineering, technology, etc.

If you would like a scholarship in any of these fields then you probably stand a good chance. The more competitive your field is, the harder you will have to work on your application. While there are so many ways to get scholarships, we have made a list of the top 8 ways for women to receive scholarships so follow them and see the wonders that they will do for you!

Be yourself

This may sound simple but it is the most important. One of the top ways for women to receive scholarships is by being completely themselves. Don’t try and impress anyone by trying to make yourself or your life look more interesting. The trick is to be completely authentic. You may not think so but you are unique and that will only show through if you don’t try too hard. So just be yourself and watch the magic unfold.

Personalize It

Instead of making your statement generic, personalize it, highlight your voice. Even though it can be tedious to write a bunch of essays and fill out so many forms, it is important for you to personalize it so that it stands out. If it sounds the same as everyone else’s then that lowers your chances. Convince them why they should give it to you and not the other women since there’s so much competition. Make it interesting and personalized. Also let them know that you understand the objective of the scholarship and what it’s all about, these organizations are big on seeing that you understand that.

Highlight Your Achievements

While you don’t need to sound boastful, it’s important to highlight your achievements as a woman when applying for a scholarship. This will give them a reason to consider you. The kind of scholarship that you’re applying for doesn’t matter; just highlight your achievements none the less. Achievements don’t need to be big, it can be anything. As a woman, you have certain unique experiences and achievements so by highlighting those you can stand a better chance of getting the scholarship. For scholarships that are specifically for women, make sure to highlight your achievements as a woman. Connect it to the scholarship that you are applying for and explain the link.

Look In The Right Places

If you’re trying to get a scholarship as a woman then make sure to look in the right places. There are plenty that are offering them so it’s easy for you to get but for that, you have to do your research. Look at organizations that are big on women empowerment or colleges that are more encouraging towards women’s education. By doing your research you’ll be able to find the right places.

Read The Instructions Carefully While Applying

You may think this is obvious but sometimes you could end up missing out on certain things, which could hinder you from receiving the scholarship. Read the instructions not once but a few times to make sure that you haven’t missed out on anything. See that you have everything they have asked for and if something is unclear to you, email them and ask them for clarification.

Submit Your Application Before The Deadline

You don’t want to miss out on the scholarship because you couldn’t submit it within the deadline. Therefore, make sure to submit it way before the deadline just to be safe. Your application could be the most impressive but if you are too late to submit it then it’s absolutely pointless. Know your deadlines well in advance to ensure that you don’t miss out on them.

Write A Powerful Cover Letter

Your cover letter is probably what has the most impact when applying for a scholarship. Therefore make it a heck of a great one. We already spoke about highlight your achievements are personalizing your application, what’s also important is the way that you write the cover letter.

If it’s well articulated then it could automatically sway them away so use language that is flowery and yet to the point. Keep it short and impactful and once again, highlight your journey as a woman and why you are so deserving of this scholarship. You may even wish to talk about some of the struggles and obstacles that you may have faced as a woman and how you overcame them. Once you are done, make sure to proofread it, you might even want to get it checked by an editor or someone who is great at writing just to make sure there are no mistakes.

Be Practical

Last but not the least; be practical. This does not mean that you shouldn’t aim high but that you shouldn’t set your hopes too high for something that may not even be achievable. Know your options and be ambitious but also aim for the kind of scholarships that you know you’ll be able to get. Scholarships for women can be super competitive so don’t let this hinder you but instead apply to more of them so that you have a better chance. Be practical instead of being emotional when applying for them and you should definitely get one or more!

Each of these 8 top ways for women to receive scholarships is helpful and effective and will go a long way when trying to get a scholarship. Remember to be thorough in your research and to be patient when waiting to receive it.