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Unique Ways To Save Money During College


Money is significant. Specifically, suppose you are a college student. In that case, your college expenses are skyrocketing every year, and it’s no lie, as education has become one integral part of our society: college tuition fees, personal costs, traveling expenses, and many more. A student might feel their pocket tight every month. 

You can see the prices of essential products increasing rapidly every day, but the source of income remains the same. Even finding a part-time job at a restaurant might be a little tricky due to the current situation. 

Used Textbooks

Often, we tend to buy books for a particular subject, but then we later realize we need not one but multiple reference books or textbooks. One might want to avoid purchasing new textbooks in university as we all know textbooks are costly. Also, there is not one particular textbook for reference for a single subject. You can always ask your seniors if they can lend you their text. 

One can also use the university library to get books. Many sites rent books like Chegg or Barnes & and Noble textbooks. One can also choose to use online notes available or ebooks available online. If your friend circle studies the same subject, then two or three of you guys can pitch in some amount to buy a textbook, or you can buy one specific book and ask your friend to buy another one of a different subject. 

Carry Your Student Id Card 

Students can gain many benefits from their student ID. They are not just representing that you are from a particular college, but this allows you to gain many advantages and discounts on things related to education. Many of the biggest companies and brands offer student discounts on a variety of things. Companies like Apple and Adobe provide student discounts on laptops and other tech requirements. 

Fashion brands like Forever 21, Madewell, J.Crew give discounts for students with a valid university ID card. Many local restaurants also offer student discounts on dining. Make sure you ask if any particular restaurant offers such deals. Using such values can heavily benefit every student, but sadly, many are unaware of these benefits and cannot use them.

Using Public Transportation

Many of the time, as students, we think of buying a car to help travel to college? One might wonder how this is helpful as it will help you as a student from getting into unwanted expenses like gas, parking, insurance, and unwanted car repair. But does it help you, or is it just adding weight to your pocket by increasing your expenses. Using public transport is one of the ways to save themselves from additional costs. Fare of transport like buses and trains are pretty affordable, and these are also the quickest way for you to travel to your university. One can save all this money and invest in other essential things which are more important.

Start Increasing Your Credit Score

Getting a credit card helps one to acquire many benefits even in the future. A good credit score enables you to get easy access to loans in the bank. They might want to get a credit card, but they should be careful to choose a credit card with a low-interest rate and use it according to their needs. This will help you avoid high credit debts as well as establish a good credit score. This way, you can benefit from two advantages at once.

Cook At Home

Hanging out with friends or ordering takeout might seem tempting, and you would always want to get food from outside or dine out more often. This might seem enticing, but don’t fall for the trap set. Eating out every day can add up to your expenses. As students, we drink coffee when stressed or want to begin our day. Getting coffee every day out can be expensive. One can invest in buying items like coffee makers at home to reduce the cost of getting coffee every day. There are many such small ways where you can reduce long-term expenses.

Find A Dorm/Apartment

Searching for a place to reside can be hectic and also expensive at the same time. Many options are available, like staying in a dorm if their university offers them, as it is much cheaper than living in an apartment, which increases your housing budget. If the dorm facility isn’t available, one can consider sharing an apartment with a friend or searching for apartments or flats where you can get a room. This might not be very affordable as the rent of the fare will depend on the location where you’re residing, but this will help you from paying the whole rent on your own. 

Limit The Amount Of Entertainment Subscriptions

Entertainment is one of the most significant parts of our lives. We can’t ignore the fact and say that we cannot live without it. Many great apps like Netflix, Hulu have become a hub for some great shows and series to watch. One can split the subscription for online services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more with your roommates, friends, and family. All of you can enjoy the TV show and help you save or cut down your expenses as you won’t be paying the entire cost. One can use student offers on services like Spotify. 

Saving Money

Saving money is always not enough. One has to know how to grow capital and how to get good returns from them. One can start investing in many schemes offered with the guidance of their parents as this will help you through university years and help you be financially independent by the time you graduate. Many such schemes are available, but one should not get carried away as some of these schemes may not be reliable. 

Determine How Long It Will Take You To Earn A Degree

Completing a degree is one of the best feelings one can experience. But saying so, one might want to stay more focused on their studies because sometimes many students cannot complete their degree in the stipulated time, and they might need to extend a semester. This does nothing but adds up to the cost of college tuition fees. Focusing on your study should be your primary area of focus.

Get A Part-Time Job

Another way one can collect their tuition fees is through part-time jobs. One shouldn’t be embarrassed about doing so. This is a good source of income. It also helps you get extra money, allowing you to do things you like and not have to sacrifice everything you want. There are many ways one can earn money from part-time jobs, either online or offline. One can also run their small business by doing things they enjoy. This will indeed require a particular investment initially, but it’s definitely worth giving it a shot. 

Apply For Scholarships

As a student, we shouldn’t miss a chance or opportunity for applying for scholarships. Various colleges provide many scholarships in multiple fields, from arts to academics to sports. One should take this as a golden opportunity and inquire in their respective university. 

Start With Community College

Community colleges usually are cheaper or less expensive in comparison to private universities. One can always spend their academic year in community college and then transfer to a more prominent university or college of their choice. This helps you to save money, and you can manage your expenses for your desired college.

Track Expenses

Try keeping track of your expenditures for a week or so to see what kinds of things and services you tend to waste money on, particularly excessively. If you frequently dine out or order takeout with friends, for example, consider bringing your lunch and cooking at home instead. Put money into your college savings account every time you spend money on a habit you no longer need. Over time, these tiny tendencies can add up, and you’ll be astonished at how much money you can save.

Sell Old Items

If your closet is overflowing, you should try organizing. There are numerous websites designed to assist people in trading their used stuff such as clothing, books, toys, and other items. You may discover that the things you no longer desire or require are valuable to someone else. You can find items in the closets you no longer need. You can sell them online or at a thrift store in return for money. Put this money down for your education finances, just like any other additional cash you earn.


Saving money as a student is very important as it helps you manage your expenses and is like a helping hand to your parents. The tips, as mentioned earlier, are just a few ways one can effectively save money.