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Jobs That Online Degrees Will Help You Get


Preparing for a career via distance learning is becoming easier and more cost and time-effective. It is also a solid solution for several impacted individuals chasing higher education. There are still many possible degrees along with career opportunities that are available. The choice of degree in conjunction with uncertainty in the economy could become a stumbling block to pursuing future careers. An essential question concerning educational choices, especially during tentative times, is: Which online degree will likely assist the individual in attaining a job?

This article will offer some guidance for individuals attempting to decipher what to study online. Also for individuals to figure out which of the career paths to chase. The list will highlight the career paths which are estimated to grow over the next decade. Plus, connect them to the online degree program that will assist in pursuing these careers.

Home Healthcare Aide

Home healthcare aides carry out a wide range of tasks associated with caring for the needs of disabled individuals. Along with mental and physical illness and or impairments and the elderly as well. As the population continues to increase and gets older, the demand for healthcare also increases. Quality of life and cost have combined to influence those who need care and their families to move towards in-home healthcare. For those who need in-home care, home healthcare aides are the main providers of the day to day needs.

The average yearly income during 2019 was $25,280 and the expected growth over the next decade is around eight percent. The number of job opportunities is expected to be roughly 568,800. More often than not, just a high school diploma is necessary. However, certification, in particular, in state-certified homes, if required at times.

Ashworth College Diploma and the Norquest College Certificate are two of the online programs available for home healthcare aide. There are no prerequisites to be enrolled in Ashworth College’s online home healthcare aide classes. There is however an academic requirement for Norquest College, sixty percent in English Language Arts 20-2 or fifty-five percent in the English Language 30-2.


A well-paying and fast-growing career is a statistician. These individuals can work in numerous fields, including healthcare, military, sciences, and engineering to name a few. They try to apply statistics to evaluate and problem solve in a variety of fields. The average yearly income during 2019 was $91,160 and there is an expected growth of around eight percent in the next decade. The number of new opportunities over the next decade is 54,900.

To become a statistician is not really a simple task. It requires a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Followed by at a minimum a master’s degree in statistics or a very closely related course of study. Online education opportunities include Penn State Master’s Degree, Texas A & M University Master’s Degree, and Colorado State University Master’s Degree.

Penn State provides both online a master’s degree and a graduate certificate in applied statistics. At Colorado State University there is the option of specializing in either data science or statistical science. There are 31 credits for this course and the tuition is $811 per credit.

Personal Finance Advisor

Personal finance advisors handle a wide range of clientele, advising on several matters including retirement, estate planning, taxes, and savings. These matters could also include mortgages, insurance, and investments. The average yearly income during 2019 was $87,850 and the expected growth for the next decade is three to four percent. The number of new opportunities in jobs is estimated at 19,200 for the next decade.

Typically a bachelor’s degree is required to have a career as a financial management advisor. Some companies may also require a master’s degree or a certification in the field. Florida State University certificate, Northwestern University certificate program, and Franklin University bachelor’s degree are online programs available to assist.

Operations Research Analyst

The role of an operations research analyst is to use logic and mathematics to assist companies in identifying, analyzing, and solving problems. The average yearly income during 2019 was $84,810 and the expected growth over the next decade is eight percent. 9,600 is the expected number of new opportunities over the next decade.

Several employers typically request a Ph.D. or at minimum a master’s degree. There are those that a bachelor’s degree would suffice. Online education opportunities include the University of Southern California Master’s degree and Kansas State University Master’s degree. The degree from Kansas State is thirty credit hours and each credit hour is $594.50.

Interpreting & Translating

Society is largely becoming diverse and this is symbolized by the numerous languages spoken. Translators are required because of the multiple languages being used to communicate. In addition, individuals that are hearing impaired require interpreters. These social requirements convert into a very fast-growing area for career opportunities.

The average yearly income during 2019 was roughly $51,830 and the expected growth is approximately eight percent in the next decade. The new opportunities over the next decade are 8,800. The University of Illinois master’s degree, University of Massachusetts certificate and Gallaudet University American Sign Language are programs available online.