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How To Write A Thank You Letter For Your Scholarship


Congratulations! You got a scholarship.

And winning a scholarship is often one of the best feelings in the world. It saves you from the stress associated with student loans while allowing you to explore new opportunities in and outside your school or college and so much more.

So, why not appreciate the organization or individual who selflessly offered you support. And you don’t have to put in a lot of effort in doing so. Writing a nice thank you letter is a simple and easy way to say thanks to those who made it happen for you.   

But what exactly should you write in your thank you letter? How much details do you need to add? What’s the appropriate length of a thank letter? How should you deliver it?

These are all genuine questions when it comes to writing a thank you letter. And this post is all about the answers to these questions and a lot more.

So let’s get started.  

Scholarship Thank You Letter – Overview

A scholarship thank you letter is a formal letter of appreciation to the individual or committee of the organization that offered financial assistance. It’s a way through which you acknowledge and appreciate your donor’s concerns and efforts for your education.

Certain scholarships supported by the college may require you to write a thank you letter to your sponsor or donor. However, in most cases, the choice of sending in a thank you letter is up to you. It’s always a good gesture to say thanks but you won’t lose your scholarship simply because you didn’t write a thank you letter.

And this brings us to the second question of why you should write a thank you letter?

Why Write A Thank You Letter?

Applications for scholarships can be taxing and it hardly leaves any energy for writing another letter but here are a few reasons why it’s best to write a thank you letter. 

  • It shows your appreciation and gratitude for individuals or organizations that supported your college education,
  • It also motivates the organizations to stay committed to future scholarships to more students,
  • Can allow you to establish a potentially lasting connection with the individuals or organization which can be of your advantage later in life.

So why not write a thank you letter. And the best part is it is much easier than most people think and if you are committed to writing a good thank you letter, it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

How To Write A Scholarship Thank You Letter?

A scholarship thank you letter is a formal communication between you and the ones who sponsored your education. So here is what you need to include in your scholarship thank you letter.

Start With A Warm Greeting To The Donor

A formal piece of communication is often not complete without a warm greeting. A short and crisp greeting is all you need to grab your reader’s attention. It could be as simple as “Hello Mr./Mrs. XYZ” or if you are addressing a larger group, you can always greet with a simple “Dear Members of Organization XYZ.”

Include An Expression Of Gratitude

Following the greetings, you simply have to include an expression of gratitude. You don’t need to write long scripts to appreciate the efforts of your donors. Instead, you need to keep it short and precise. The simple inclusion of 2-3 sentences is quite sufficient to appreciate the efforts of your donors and express your gratitude.

Don’t Forget To Include How Their Support Helped You

While you are expressing gratitude, don’t forget to mention how their support helped you. Your donor would be interested in knowing how their support has impacted your life. Only when they will see the potential impact, it will motivate them to continue their efforts for other students.

You Can Share Your Future Plans

As you move towards the closure, it would be a good idea to share your plans. Not everyone knows what they have to do, but if you are someone who already has a few plans, don’t shy away from sharing them. Your plans may be of interest to your recipient and who knows your supporter for the scholarship may turn out to be greater support in the future.

Lastly, Your Signature

This is the easiest part. Give closure to your scholarship letter with a simple and formal signature such as

  • Regards,
  • Sincerely, or
  • Best Wishes.

Thank You Letter for Your Scholarship – Additional Tips

You already know what you should include in your thank letter for your scholarship, but here are a few tips that will help you do better.

  • Always use a formal letter writing format and a formal tone while writing the thank you letter for your scholarship,
  • Don’t forget to show your gratitude genuinely – choose words that are positive, appreciative and show your true feelings of appreciation but then again, you don’t have to be dramatic and emotional. Always maintain a formal tone.
  • Be clear and concise.
  • Proofread your thank you letter for spelling and grammar. Make sure your content is free from spelling and grammar mistakes.

Wrapping It Up

Writing a thank you letter for your scholarship may not be a requirement but it’s always a good idea to do so as it reflects your sincerity and genuine appreciation for your donor’s efforts. It also explains to your donors what impact their contribution is making. And who knows your thank you letter for your scholarship may open a few more opportunities for you later in your life. So it’s always worth investing time and effort in writing a short, clear and error-free thank you letter for your scholarship.