Top Paying Careers In 2021


There are all sorts of careers out there and as time passes, there only seem to be more and more diverse ones. Some of these have been there from the start while some are relatively new ones. Many of them have been around since the start but have become all the hype in recent years.

Some of these careers pay heavily and have a lot of added bonuses, too. If you are looking for a career, then there are many factors that you need to look at, with the pay being an important one. To help you out, we made a list of the 10 top-paying careers in 2021.


As awareness about mental health starts to rise, more and more people are starting to see psychiatrists. People’s mental health is of the utmost importance to them and they are willing to pay any price to protect it. This is why psychiatrists are one of the highest-paid these days. Thanks to Covid-19, people’s mental health deteriorated even more and as depression rates were on the rise so did the number of people who sought professional help. It is currently one of the highest-paying careers in 2021.


You’d be surprised at how much lawyers earn! Of course, they work super hard with all the long hours and overtime but they are rewarded with great salaries. They have important jobs as they represent companies, organizations, and even individuals or government agencies in the court of law. People are ready to pay any price for the cost of winning a case.

IT Manager

The future is all about technology so if you want those big bucks, then IT is what you have to go into. IT managers have a huge responsibility, from protecting a companies networks and IT infrastructure and keeping away malware and hackers, they have a super important job. Without them, these companies would be nowhere. In order to be an IT manager, you need to have enough knowledge about computing. This position is one that is one of the highest-paying careers in 2021.


They fix your teeth and improve your overall look so it’s no surprise that they are one of the highest-paid. Of course, going to the dentist is a necessity, however, as people get more and more conscious about their looks they go to the dentist for different procedures to fix their teeth even if it’s not needed. This is also one of the reasons why this is among the top-paying careers in 2021. The more popular the dentist, the more they will charge.


Surgeons are probably the highest paid professionals in 2021. Their job is also the most serious; you’re putting your life into their hands. It goes without saying that they have to study for years and years to get where they are, it requires a lot of time and hard work. When they finally get there, they charge quite a bit and that’s only fair. They can treat your injuries, your deformities and make you look and feel new through their highly skilled operations. There are different types of surgeons out there, from neurosurgeons to plastic surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, etc., but in general, they are probably the highest paid compared to other professionals.


Work your way up to become a CEO of a company and watch how much you learn. CEOs or chief executive officers have a huge responsibility of leading and directing the company to get closer to its goals. It requires a lot of experience and managerial skills and takes years to get to that level. CEOs are one of the highest-paid in 2021 and have a lot of other benefits too.

Airline Pilot

Pilots are among the top paid in 2021 and it’s pretty obvious given how complex the task is, it’s not easy to fly a plane even though it may look like it. There’s a lot that goes into becoming one, from vigorous training and constant psychical examinations. It is also one of the most exciting careers, so if you have a love of flying then you should look into it.


Where would we be without these hardworking health caregivers? Nurses are among the highest paid in 2021. They play a major role in taking care of patients and require an adequate amount of training. They do a lot more than you think! Not to mention, their job is highly rewarding as they give back to the community so it’s a win-win situation; get paid a lot and feel good about yourself too!

Marketing Managers

If you have an interest in marketing, then work your way up to a marketing manager as that is one of the top-paying careers in 2021. They are responsible for the strategies that go behind everything you see in branding. This includes planning, delivering, and executing the policies of the company. Marketing managers earn a lot and also have added benefits and bonuses so this is something you may want to look into.

Petroleum Engineer

A petroleum engineer works with everything to do with natural gases and oil and we all are aware of how much money there is in that. They are the masterminds of how to get oil extracted from underground. Getting those billions of bucks so it’s no surprise that they would also be paid heavily. They are responsible for coming up with new strategies and develop new technologies that would help extract this resource in an environmentally friendly manner that is safe and smart.


You now know the top paying careers in 2021. Each of these is brilliant in its own way and has tons of benefits other than the money. They are useful jobs to have that will come a long way in your future. Choose one that appeals to you the most and goes for it. Remember, it’ll be worth it in the end!