The Highest Paying Master’s Degrees Of 2021


Once individuals have their undergraduate degree under their belt after a couple of years of studying, they may consider a specialty. They might decide to further their studies by pursuing a master’s degree. This is not just an excellent way of learning way more about a particular field. It is also a guaranteed way for earning a larger salary in the career of choice.  This article will highlight some of the highest-paying master’s degrees for 2021.

Business Administration

Everyone knows that businesses are in existence in order to make money. The optimum way of making money when working in a business is by becoming the boss. Add one of the top ways of becoming the manager or the Chief Executive Officer, is by obtaining a Master of Business degree. In pursuant of an MBA, individuals will be educated about finance, marketing, business strategy, and obviously, management.

The chances of sliding directly into the role of CEO for a large organization right out of university are extremely low. However, give yourself a few years and could work your way to the top. As one would expect, the salaries provided for graduates fluctuate, however the mean salary for a CEO is just above $170,000 annually. This makes this degree one of the top-paying master’s degrees.


Similar to the MBA, a master’s degree in Engineering will permit the individual to excel to the top. They will be able to climb the corporate ladder in an engineering firm. This does not mean that an undergraduate degree in Engineering is valueless. However, the master’s degree will educate the individual in how to consider the larger picture of the industry. This will be done in terms of management, cross-industry critical thinking, and planning and development. An education such as this will position an individual perfectly to an engineering manager. In this field, individuals could earn as much as $120,000 each year.


Physicists occupy their time attempting to understand the very fabric of the universe. They also study motion, matter, energy and particles, and all the other deeply complicated things. It is really difficult to work. Aptly, those that sit at the top of their field have a tendency of making loads of money. This just is not just limited to academia. Subsequent to being educated about research and development, practice, and theory across a gamut of industries, the sky is the limit. Physicists could find themselves working wherever cutting edge manufacturing is taking place, such as in electronics, textiles, computer technology, or medicine for example. The average salary for this degree is roughly $110,000 annually.


The responsibility is quite massive when it comes to distributing medication to the entire population. Such responsibility will take an advanced education for the individual to be allowed to make such massive decisions. As a pharmacist, individuals will work alongside physicians, making decisions as to the optimal course of medical action. It will be the responsibility of the pharmacist to advise the physician of the advantages and possible risks of specific drugs. It is an awesome responsibility and with such responsibility comes an awesome salary. Several of the lowest-paid pharmacists tend to take home around $90,000 per year. However, some of the highest-paid walk away with in excess of $160,000 each year.


A master’s in Economics takes the individual’s undergraduate degree into new territory. Individuals will probe the deep echelons of labor economics, international economics, and econometrics rising with a degree qualifying them for financial positions.  Making them eligible to work in consultants firms, for financial organizations, and even in government. Economists on average work for close to $115,000 annually.

Human Resources

Individuals that have made it to the top of the HR ladder within an organization are responsible for directing a huge number of individuals. They are charged with the task of increasing productivity while sustaining happiness. They also take the reins in hosting training for staff and recruiting new talent. Some would say that HR staff grease the wheels that keep the organization moving along smoothly. Completing a master’s degree in Human Resource Management could lift an individual into the upper echelons of management. Allowing them to take home a nice $100,000 every year.

Health Administration

This degree has many moving parts as there are several variations of Health Administration and the associated master’s degrees. The degrees could be extended to involve Long Term Care Administration and Public Health Administration. However, the point here is that any one of these master’s degrees could enable an individual to become a manager. They could develop into health services managers, hospital executives, and more. In roles such as these, the individual is much more than a doctor, as they are responsible for overseeing health-related organizations. Positions such as these take home on average in excess of $80,000 every year.